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Fortnite VR was just purchased by Facebook

Fortnite VR

Fortnite VR – Facebook announced Friday that the makers of the popular battle royale VR title Population: One would be joining Oculus Studios.

In a blog post, Facebook Reality Labs VP Mike Verdu wrote that POP: ONE launched just nine months ago and consistently ranked as one of the top-performing titles on this platform, enabling up to 24 players at a time to connect, compete, and play. “Players can schedule meetings with each other for synchronous social interactions, even as they’re bringing them into POP: ONE through social. The quirky humor, constant updates, and pure fun of the environment keeps them coming back for more.”

Population: One has become a hit in just a few months on the Oculus Store, Verdu said in a February blog post. According to Verdu, the game will be supported on all of its current platforms, which include both Oculus and Steam. As BigBox VR says on its website, the game will receive regular updates.

Fortnite VR

The acquisition may result in more significant changes, but that’s not clear yet. POP: ONE and other projects are very important to BigBox Fortnite VR, but the company is not yet ready to share details,” Verdu says vaguely.

Facebook has acquired a slew of VR studios over the past couple of years, including BigBox VR. After acquiring Onward developer Downpour Interactive in April, Ready at Dawn developer Lone Echo last June, Sanzaru Games maker Asgard’s Wrath in February 2020, and Beat Saber developer Beat Games in November 2019, the company bought several other developers.

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