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Fortnite Epic Games are available for download from the Play Store

Fortnight Epic Games

IIt’s happening: Fortnight Epic Games is now in the Google Play Store. It’s been almost two years since Fortnight Epic Games introduced Fortnite. This popular mobile action game has been around for a while, but it’s now officially released only on the Android App Store.

The title is available for Android OS users, but you won’t find the game in the Play Store. It is set to launch, but we are told it will not be by Google.

There were many rumors about Fortnite before some clickbait videos were shared. The company behind the game is not on repeat, Fortnite Android. The game was originally released on Samsung phones (beta) and later on other Android devices.

The Google Play Store is not a place you can get Fortnite. Epic Games has an official website for the game. Several updates and patches have been released to improve the action game.Fortnight Epic Games

Epic Game’s app also has an installer available for Android. Previous Android installers discovered that it could add malware to hackers. Another interesting bit: Epic Games built a Fortnite Avengers endgame.

Everything in Fortnite form has just been released on the Google Play Store. Fortnite is a developer who challenges the Play Store in app distribution. Now, every Android phone owner is in the App Store to enjoy the game.

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What can happen here? A change of heart by Epic Games, perhaps? Epic Games has shared a statement on the subject.

The announcement suggests that Epic Games Fortnite has not been a real success on Android sans involvement with the Google Play Store. This is not entirely true because Fortnite is so popular.

Epic Games hopes Google “will modify its policies and business practices in the near future.” It allows developers to “access and engage commercial services with customers on the Android and Play Store, through open services, including payment services, which can compete on a level playing field.”

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