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‘Fortnite’ concert will feature Ariana Grande

Fortnite concerts featuring superstars continue with Epic Games. Ariana Grande will headline the “Rift Tour,” a concert series by game developer IGN

The first show will occur on August 6th at 6PM Eastern, followed by two additional shows on August 7th and 8th to accommodate people in other time zones.

There’s a warning from the game developer that concert goers should arrive early (an hour before the show). Thirty minutes before the Rift Tour begins, the playlist will be online. You won’t be surprised to hear that there will be themed cosmetic items, too.

You can dress up as Ariana in her Ariana outfit, and Piggy Smallz Back Bling makes you a cutie while you fend off your rivals in battle royale. Each of these items will show up in the Fortnite Item Shop at 8PM Eastern on August 4, and attendees of the show will be able to get a complementary umbrella glider.

With J Balvin, Travis Scott, and other Fortnite artists, the game will entice new players as well as encourage existing players to come back. A notable addition to the list is the inclusion of female stars (a Lady Gaga concert was recently rumored to be planned but never came to pass).

It is possible that Grande could help lure people who would not otherwise play Fortnite into it – even if only a fraction of them stay once Grande has moved on.

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