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Five countries want Apple to pay consumers more money to solve #Batterygate

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Earlier this year, a virtual hearing was held through Zoom, which allowed the District Judge Edward J. Davila to initially approve a settlement between Apple and many plaintiffs.

These plaintiffs filed against Apple. Members of class actions. You may remember that all Apple did was add features to certain iPhone models in iOS 10.2.1 without the knowledge or permission of these iPhone users.

After installing iOS 10.2.1, Apple can remotely control the CPU on some versions of its phones.

Five countries/regions are asking everyone affected by #batterygate for 60 euros from Apple

iPhone 12 is the king phone

Before the release of iOS 10.2.1, some iPhone users complained that their phones crashed and restarted after handling complex tasks. Apple was accused of outdated plans and actually created these models within a limited lifespan, forcing car owners to eventually buy a new iPhone.

But what actually happened was that the battery power on the crashed iPhone was too weak. Apple believes that by throttling the CPU, these batteries may be able to withstand the power better.

Apple finally dared in December 2017 to apologize for the stunt. CEO Tim Cook said that Apple will never take any measures to shorten the life of its products and provide $50 or more for the battery replacement price on the iPhone 6 series, iPhone 6s series and iPhone SE 63% discount.

As a result, the price of replacing these models of batteries has been reduced to $29, making it almost impossible to schedule Genius Bar appointments for a few months.

iPhone 12 Release Date and Price

Apple estimates that it will replace one to two million iPhone batteries, and eventually performed about 11 million transplant operations in 2018.

Apple offered to pay each member of the class $25 (even if the lawyer charged $93 for the smart fee). A hearing will be held in December so that the judge can reach a final decision on the settlement.

According to the Dutch publication iCulture, five European consumer groups have also started to act. They demanded compensation from Apple and said that they want Apple to pay each customer affected by the throttling of 60 Euros (US$67.47 at the current exchange rate).

The above five European consumer groups represent countries including Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Brazil. Even if it is not a European country, the latter is still a member of the organization. After translation, iCulture said: “The plan is to make Apple pay 60 Euros to iPhone users who are believed to have been deceived because of the outdated plan.”

It seems that after the French government, European consumer groups decided to intervene in February to reach Apple Settlement; the technology giant paid 25 million euros to the country, equivalent to 27 million US dollars.

If there is any advantage in doing this, it is that the iPhone includes the Battery Health function. Go to Settings>Battery>Battery health. The “maximum capacity” percentage will tell you the remaining battery capacity on the iPhone battery, and the reading displayed when the component is news is 100%.

iPhone 12

For example, after using the iPhone 11 Pro Max for five months, the maximum capacity of the 3969mAh battery is 98%.

On the “Battery Health” page, you can turn “Optimize battery charging” on or off. When you usually explain the iPhone from the charger every morning, this function will use AI to learn. To extend battery life, it will charge to 80% and stop. The phone then calculates when it can start charging again so that it can reach 100% accurately when you usually unplug the device every day.

For example, if you usually unplug the charger at 9 am, the battery may stop charging at 7 am and charge to 100% within the next two hours. In this way, your battery cannot be fully charged at 8 am and will be trickle-charged within the next hour to maintain a 100% charge.

The flow charging will reduce the life of the battery over time. When using optimized charging, when you plug your phone into a power outlet, you will see the estimated time for the battery to reach 100%. If you need to charge the device before then, please click the “Charge Now” button to disable the optimized charging function.

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