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Fitify is the first third-party app for Huawei smart watches

Huawei smartphones may be banned in the United States, but smartwatches and other wearable devices are using the company’s proprietary LiteOS and will not violate any restrictions.

Besides, Huawei smartwatches have first-class hardware, and their batteries can last for several days. The only problem is the limited number of applications on LiteOS, but this will change.

Huawei just announced its first third-party application for wearable devices. This is big news for many reasons. It shows that the company is shifting its focus to the wearable market, at least outside of China. Considering that the US trade ban will not disappear anytime soon, this is completely understandable.


The decision to open up its wearable platform for third-party developers may take Huawei smartwatches to a new level-providing software content for already solid hardware. The integration of the Fitify application, which is a popular fitness application with millions of users from all over the world, is intended to set off a new wave of third-party applications for Huawei wearable devices.

Fitify is now available for all Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro users, and Huawei stated that it plans to provide “one-stop, full-spectrum operation support for all application content providers.” These providers decided to skip and develop Huawei wearable device applications.

It’s really cool, we had a great time on Watch GT 2 Pro, but we were hindered by the lack of apps that can show the true functions of the watch.

Hopefully, the list of third-party applications will grow exponentially, and in the wearable field, we will attract another bigger competitor. Competition is always a good thing!

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