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Fitbit new smartwatch can tell you how stressful you are

  • Fitbit announced the launch of a new smartwatch called Sense, which can measure pressure, monitor skin temperature, and collect ECG.
  • Apple Watch cannot measure skin temperature or pressure level like Fitbit Sense but has been providing ECG readings since 2018.
  • As researchers are studying whether wearable devices can be used for early detection of disease symptoms in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the product has also been launched.

Fitbit released a new smartwatch called Sense on Tuesday, which has new health-tracking features, such as the ability to measure the body’s response to stress, monitor skin temperature, and perform ECG checks.

Fitbit Sence 1

Fitbit announced many new devices, including the new hero smartwatch in Fitbit Sense. Fitbit Sense is the company’s full-singing, full-dancing smartwatch, mainly in the health aspect, above the Versa series, designed to eventually replace Ionic.

This move by Fitbit is an attempt to further differentiate its products from competitors such as Apple by expanding the range of health products. When Apple usually introduces new Apple Watch and iPhone models, the announcement is just before the fall timetable.

It has all your expectations for a top Fitbit smartwatch, including all-day activity tracking, sleep tracking, built-in GPS, smartphone notifications with Quick Replies for Android users, and onboard Spotify and Deezer controls, but there are also many new sensors on board.

Fitbit Sense has the company’s second-generation Pure Pulse heart rate tracking technology-Pure Pulse 2.0-capable of detecting high and low heart rate data and issuing notifications when the normal threshold is exceeded.

There is also an EDA sensor-galvanic skin activity sensor-designed to help indicate your body’s response to stress, with stress management tools to help you track stress over time, Fitbit Sense will also be able to provide ECG (subject to FDA approval).

Fitbit Sense can measure your skin temperature to try and help you detect internal changes early, such as a cold.

Fitbit Sence

You will also find Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on board. This is a built-in speaker that allows you to answer calls from your wrist or hear Google and Alexa responses, and Sense has more than 20 exercise modes.

Sense has a similar design to the Fitbit Versa, located somewhere between the circle and the square, with curved edges and an AMOLED display on the top. It also has an “always-on” display, such as Apple Watch Series5. Fitbit claims that Sense will provide six days of battery life. It provides swimming protection up to 50 meters and provides a free six-month trial period of Fitbit Premium for new Premium users.

Fitbit Sense is priced at 299.99 pounds in the UK, US$329.95 in the US, and 329.95 euros in Europe. Pre-orders will start on August 25, 2020, and will be available from late September.

When researchers increasingly studied how wearable devices produced by companies such as Oura, Apple, and Fitbit could potentially be used to detect COVID-19 symptoms, Sense also emerged.

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