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Fitbit is replacing certain Sense smartwatches on ECG reading issues

Fitbit Versa Peach

After discovering errors affecting its electrocardiogram (ECG) readings, Fitbit is contacting some owners of Sense smartwatches to provide replacement products. Users on the Fitbit forum reported receiving emails from the company warning that their devices were affected by unspecified “hardware issues.”

Fitbit subsequently confirmed to The Verge that the problem particularly affected its ECG function. The email asked affected users to return their smartwatches to Fitbit and stated that they would be provided with replacement devices for free.

Along with pressure detection and temperature tracking, Fitbit Sense’s ECG application is one of its main features, compared with Fitbit’s other recent smartwatches; Versa3.

Fitbit Versa Peach

The ECG function is designed to allow the watch to read the wearer’s heart rhythm to understand problems such as atrial fibrillation. Although we reviewed smartwatches in September without this feature, Fitbit launched its ECG app next month.

When contacted by a Fitbit UK spokesperson for comment, the issue was confirmed to The Verge and stated that this issue will affect the ECG application on a limited number of Sense devices. This problem means that the application may incorrectly display “undefined” results during the reading process.

Fitbit also confirmed that no other devices or future shipments of Sense smartwatches will be affected by this issue, and said it will directly contact affected users to issue replacement products.

The Fitbit Sense, priced at $329.95, was a bit rough when it launched. Some of its most impressive features were not available to us in time for review, and the rest may be difficult to use. But so far, Fitbit has expressed its willingness to solve these problems.

It has released an update to add new features, such as the ECG application and support for Google Assistant, and now it can proactively replace the device with the hardware in question. In our review, we said that Fitbit takes some time to solve the Sense problem, and it seems to be doing so.

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