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Fitbit is developing a luxury fitness tracker

Since Google ended its acquisition, Fitbit seems to be about to release its first device, but it is not a Wear OS smartwatch. If anything, the company may return to its roots. WinFuture shared leaked details (via 9to5Google) of Fitbit Luxe, what it calls a “luxury” fitness tracker.

According to reports, the device is centered on a stainless steel case with an OLED screen, and the interchangeable straps seem to be much higher than the undecorated straps commonly seen on these trackers. According to reports, Fitbit promises to “maintain a healthy balance in an elegant design.” Therefore, Luxe will include GPS, a heart rate monitor, and swim-friendly waterproof features.

Google Fitbit Watch

Although the depth of the leak indicates that it is coming, it is not yet certain when Fitbit will release a high-end tracker. Perhaps the biggest challenge for Fitbit is price.

Although it clearly hopes to attract high-end audiences, it must also compete with a wave of low-cost but powerful fitness wearables, which may be enough for many people.

Considering Google’s integration hopes, even if this is not necessarily the last resort of Fitbit’s simpler wearables, we would not expect this to represent Fitbit’s long-term future.

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