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‘Find My’ can Locate iOS 15 devices

Find My

‘Find My’ works even if a device is off or wiped, thanks to Apple’s network. Although the WWDC 2021 briefing for Apple has ended, several new features have been announced since then. It is worth paying attention to the section of the iOS 15 Preview that describes “Find My.”

If you lose or steal your iPhone or iPad, your iPhone or iPad can be found a lot easier if you’re able to see live streaming location information of contacts who share their locations with you.

The Hello screen will still show your information even if the device has been erased. If Activation Lock is enabled, the device will alert others that it is being tracked by its real owner.

It is now possible to locate devices with the Find My feature, even if they are off.  

Find My
Find My

If the device runs low on battery power or is taken, you may get one last ping from that location, or you may receive some sort of low-power Bluetooth tracking that stays on when your phone is off.

During low battery conditions in iOS 15, 9to5Mac shows a screenshot of the reminder popup that appears informing owners of the new tracking features.

Additional features include helping you locate lost AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, and letting you know if you’ve left something behind, including a device, AirTag, or third-party item.

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