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Facebook will try to ensure you’ve read an article before you share it


Facebook is a platform designed for sharing, but with the amount of misinformation, fake information, and just simple nonsense being shared on Facebook each day, it is emerging as huge trouble. On Monday, Facebook announced it’s going to start checking out a new feature that will nudge users to genuinely read a piece of writing before they share it.

In case you try to share a news article link that you have not opened, Facebook will show a prompt encouraging you to open it and examine it.



“You are approximate to proportion this article without opening it,” the prompt says.

“Sharing articles without reading them may recommend lacking key records.”

Even if a user hasn’t examined the article, although, they’ll still be able to share it by tapping at the “continue Sharing” button.

Facebook’s initiative follows a comparable feature Twitter began testing in June 2020. a few months later, Twitter observed up with the results, which have been encouraging.

According to the company, its users opened articles 40% more regularly after seeing the prompt, and that they opened articles before retweeting them 33% more regularly. finally, a few users gave up on retweeting after genuinely reading the article.

Facebook isn’t like Twitter in lots of approaches, however, Twitter’s consequences are still a decent indicator that this type of nudging will make users assume two times before sharing something they have not read.

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