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Facebook will eventually tell you if you want to share old articles

Facebook Notification Notes

You may have seen one or two or more Facebook friends share a piece of information about celebrity news emergencies, but when you click it, it was 3 years ago.

Although it is not technically fake news, some of the content that people share is old news, and sometimes it may lead to false positives. Now, Facebook is launching a feature that will send you notifications when you want to share more than 90 days of content.

As early as 2018, Facebook has introduced a context button, so you can find more information about the source of the article in the News Feed. Now, they send you a notification to inform you that the content you want to share has existed for 90 days or more than 3 months, thus adding more background information.

A survey conducted by Facebook said that people want to see timely information, but some people still mistakenly shared other information.

Facebook Notification Notes

When you click the “Share” button on an article that has been more than 90 days old, a notification will pop up. You can choose to continue or return. If you know that the shared content is timely and needs to be shared for some reason, then click “Continue”.

However, if you find a sharing error, then at least you have a chance to look back instead of having someone post an “old post” comment on your post.

The news publisher himself has expressed concern that sharing its older articles may “misunderstand the status of the current incident.” To avoid confusion, some people have labeled their older articles in a prominent position.

Therefore, notifications from Facebook should also help people understand what they share. Unfortunately, if you decide to share the news for malicious purposes, the notification will not stop you.

Facebook said it will test some other notification screens in the coming months to provide more context to its users. Although strong criticism of the social media giant for appearing to do nothing to stop hate speech and false news may not be enough.

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