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Facebook will block ads claiming to win before official Results

Facebook New Update

Facebook will block ads claiming to win before official results

  • The company has clarified its policy stance on September 3.

Contrary to previous reports, Facebook representatives have confirmed that the social media site will actually not allow ads claiming Trump or Biden’s campaign victory to be placed on election night.

In a blog post on September 3, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg instituted a new policy that prohibits the placement of political ads on social media sites during the entire week before November 3, election day.

Facebook New Update

However, according to a recent post by Fast Company, the policy did not prevent the campaign from launching new campaigns on November 4.

This will enable anyone or two presidential campaigns to win and saturate the market with misleading advertising. Since then, Facebook has clarified in a public statement that such behavior is also a deadlock.

Facebook correspondent Andy Stone said on Twitter on Wednesday: “We will reject political ads claiming victory before the 2020 election results are announced.”

In addition, the company will question the voting process or election results in any way. Legitimate advertisements are labeled with “information labels,” for example, charges of indicting votes, intimidating, or suppressing voters.

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