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facebook test ads

Facebook test ads contextual labels to popular pages

Facebook gradually began facebook test ads to apply labels on the page to provide more information about its nature in the new experiment. For example, politician pages will be marked as “public officials”, while fan and satirical pages will be marked as “public officials.”

When their posts are displayed on the news feed, you will see new labels, and you can expand them to read instructions on why you need them. For posts on satirical pages, the social network stated that they look very similar to posts from public figures or official news sources, and therefore may confuse.

As pointed out by “Social Media Today“, even from well-known publications (such as The Onion), users tend to take satirical articles seriously. Those who think they are from actual news sources often see fierce responses in their comment section.

facebook test ads
facebook test ads

Besides, labels also have the ability to make it clear from the beginning whether people are reading posts from real authorities, which helps prevent the spread of fake news on the platform.

Facebook already has a huge problem with fake news without adding misunderstood satirical articles. A study by researchers at Princeton University found that this is the most serious perpetrator in the dissemination of false information.

They wrote in the paper that it is a referrer site with more than 15% of unreliable news sources, while Google and Twitter only direct users to suspicious news sources at 3.3% and 1%, respectively.

Since Facebook has only just started testing this feature, it may take some time to mark posts correctly. Besides, the social network is currently only being tested in the United States.

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