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Facebook says 5,000 apps mistakenly obtained data beyond the 90-day limit

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Back in 2018, after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook decided to change the way third-party applications access user data. One of the problems they should solve is that once users do not use these apps within 90 days, these apps will be blocked.

But now, Facebook admits that they accidentally allowed about 5,000 developers to still access the data of inactive users. Although this issue has been resolved since then, they have also introduced new platform terms and developer policies.

Facebook said they found that about 5,000 developers had not received information from users after three months, indicating that they were not active. They did not disclose how many users might be affected.

They also emphasized that no evidence shared information is “inconsistent” with the permissions they initially granted. They assured us that they solved the problem the day after they discovered it.

Facebook says 5,000 apps mistakenly

However, this does not stimulate people’s confidence in the social media giant, because users believe that 90 days of inactivity should prevent developers from accessing user data.

Of course, if you don’t want them to have access first, you should revoke it after using the app or something. Given the other issues Facebook is currently facing, this is not a good way to get back users who are considering leaving.

Facebook also introduced new platform terms and developer policies. These terms will become more clear when it comes to what data developers can share with third parties and strengthen third-party requirements for data security.

To avoid the previous errors mentioned above, the strategy will clarify when developers must delete data and stop collecting data from inactive users.

These new strategies hand over most data mining strategies to developers themselves. Problems that may arise later may not always be open to the public because it will be between Facebook and the developers.

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