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Facebook Quiet Mode Brings you able to mute Notifications

Facebook Quiet Mode

The social media website Facebook has released a new feature called Facebook Quiet Mode. The new feature Facebook Quiet Mode will let users will be able to mute all notifications at the same time. It is currently rolled out for iOS users. However, this feature will be gradually extended to users. However, this feature will be made available for Android users from May 2020.

What happens when you turn off notifications on Facebook Messenger?

This new feature Facebook Quiet Mode is related to Facebook’s push notifications. This feature will help users to be able to mute the push notifications on Facebook and also to manage how much time you are spending on Facebook.

Facebook Quiet Mode

This feature will also be very helpful. However, privacy update notifications and alerts of need will not be muted.

According to Facebook, you can turn “Facebook quiet mode” on or off as needed, or you can schedule it to run automatically at a specified time. Let’s take an example, if you work from home from 10 AM to 4 PM, you can set Quiet Mode to run automatically on weekdays to reduce your temptation to waste time in the app.

The company explained that if you try to start Facebook in “quiet mode”, the app will remind you that you have set this time to time to limit your time in the app.

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The quiet mode controls will be found in the new section of Facebook, where you can view additional data about the time spent on the Facebook platform.

Facebook launched its first “time spent” chart as early as 2018, but its appearance has changed to better match the style of the new “Your Time on Facebook” section launched today.

How do I mute notifications on Facebook?

  • First, you have to go to your account on Facebook.
  • Then go to the main menu. Then tap on Settings and Privacy.
  • Then tap on Your Time on Facebook and tap on Manage your Time.
  • Here you will see two options. It will have the first Quiet Mode and the second will be the Scheduled Quiet Mode.
  • In Quiet Mode, you will be able to activate the block on the entire app.
  • Another option is Scheduled Quiet Mode. In this, you will be able to block certain times of the day. The app will turn on automatically after the time is over.
  • If you open Facebook at the time that Quiet Mode is on, then you will see a message that says that Quiet Mode is on at this time and how long it will last (Time will be shown in Scheduled Quiet Mode).
  • Apart from this, you will also be able to choose to use Facebook for 15 minutes while the notification is muted.

Facebook confirmed that “quiet mode” was testing a small number of Facebook users before it was released today.

Facebook said that the feature is currently being promoted to iOS users worldwide and will continue to be promoted next month or so. The launch of Android will be tested in May and will be released more widely in June.

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