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Facebook plans to follow Clubhouse and Podcasts with a new set of audio products

Facebook Plans

Facebook plans you to start talking and listening on Facebook. The source said that the social network plans to announce a series of products under “Social Audio” on Monday, some of which will be available within a period of time.

These measures include Facebook’s acquisition of Clubhouse, a pure audio social network that grew rapidly last year and promoted the discovery and distribution of podcasts with the help of Spotify.

Facebook’s audio plan includes:

  • A pure audio version of the room, the video conferencing product launched a year ago, when the pandemic spurred the mass adoption of Zoom.
  • A Clubhouse-like product would allow a group of people to listen and listen virtually. Speakers Interact with him on the “stage”.
  • The product will allow Facebook users to record short voice messages and post them to news sources, just as they can currently handle text, images, and videos.
  • It is a participating podcast search product on Spotify that has invested heavily in podcasts over the past two years. I’m not sure if Facebook means more than just bookmarking podcasts for users and sending them to Spotify. (Note: Spotify and Facebook first got connected 10 years ago when Facebook promoted the idea of “seamless sharing.” This is what your Facebook friends read and listened to. That means you can see who you are and what you see … quickly disappears.).

Also, we don’t know what the Facebook product release schedule will announce tomorrow. The Roman product, in our opinion, is a video conferencing version, not a video, and is likely to be out soon. Sources say other products, including beta versions, may not arrive until late spring.

Overall, this announcement aims to convey the confidence of CEO Mark Zuckerberg that users are willing to communicate with each other using language and language. Recently, not only he was interested in this idea. Twitter has released its own version of Club House Space. Apple is also preparing a new subscription podcast service that can be announced on Tuesday as part of a product launch.

Facebook did not comment on this in response to Recode’s question. “We’ve been connecting people for years through audio and video technology,” a Spotify and Apple spokesman said, declining to comment. “We’re always looking for new ways to improve people’s experiences.”

Created at the very beginning of the epidemic, Zuckerberg has generated a lot of interest in the club, which has grown rapidly over the past year. He participated in several chats about the service, including with Spotify CEO Daniel I. Meanwhile, the club announced $ 4 billion in new funding after months of announcing a $ 1 billion funding round.

At the same time, observers suggest that a club holding a short chat in front of a 5,000 crowd will find it difficult to recover from the turmoil of 2020 and earlier this year. Stuck looking for something to distract you. The app’s download speed seems to be dropping with newness, and Clubhouse has yet to update its overall usage as it had 10 million users in February.

If you’re looking to critique club product issues in-depth, I recommend checking out tech investor Shaan Puri’s Twitter thread. Tl; Doctor: It’s hard to keep creating only live content that attracts both old and new users.

It is, of course, too early to say whether Facebook’s success will help us ascend the throne of the clubhouse. However, Zuckerberg has not been shy about copying services and features created by competitors and potential competitors, and the results have been inconsistent. For example, it managed to outperform Snapchat’s Stories feature but did not stand out from potential Zoom Rooms competitors.

And efforts to duplicate short clips of the TikTok video service are in the works. This is the first video to appear on TikTok. Summary: The Facebook version of Substack does a good job with its own newsletter service.

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