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Facebook Plans to Enter the Healthcare Industry

Is “crazy!” A moment of innovation?

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Facebook Plans to Enter the Healthcare Industry

Facebook is planning to enter the facebook healthcare industry following Samsung, Apple, and others, starting with building an online support community on its social network.

Reuters, in an exclusive article, reported that the company will start working on an online “support” community that connects Facebook users with the same symptoms as a story of three sources familiar with the case.

Facebook Health Center Industry

In addition, another team is exploring ways to help people improve their lifestyles through “preventive” applications. These types of apps may include fitness and calorie tracking similar to MyFitness Pal or may publish guidelines on foods recommended for nutrition, exercise, and consumption.

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According to Reuters sources, Facebook has met with “health industry professionals and entrepreneurs” in the past few months and plans to set up a new R & D department to test health-related apps. However, Facebook is still in the idea stage.

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Healthcare can be a means to bring new users to the site. The online community is often a valuable source of information to help people with health problems. There are a number of websites and forums that offer forums to connect patients in addition to advice, such as “PatientsLikeMe”. The integration of Facebook, which is popular and used all over the world, could bring these communities to a new level.

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