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Facebook opens its Messenger API for Instagram to all developers


Instagram is now able to access Facebook Messenger through its API. An initial beta test of the API was held this fall, where 30 developers and 700 brands were allowed access, including Ford and H&M.

Now any developer who wants to start building for the platform has access to the tool, which can be followed by the release of the platform to business accounts over time.

The API allows businesses and brands to integrate Instagram’s messaging platforms into their existing sales and service applications, allowing their employees to receive customer messages much more easily.

Number of Facebook Users
Facebook opens its Messenger API for Instagram to all developers

Companies already have the option of doing this through Facebook. The integration of Facebook’s various chat apps is yet another example of the unified approach taken by the company.

With Instagram’s newest messaging feature beginning last summer, you can connect with Facebook users who don’t have Instagram accounts.

Furthermore, Facebook is expanding Instagram’s shopping capabilities with this move.

Instagram says 90 percent of its users follow at least one business, and the company has taken advantage of that by introducing features like an in-app shopping cart.

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