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Facebook now allows you to transfer photos, videos to Dropbox & Koofr

Facebook New Update

Facebook now allows you to transfer photos, videos to Dropbox & Koofr

As part of this Data Transfer Job between major tech companies, Facebook introduced annually and rolled out globally this year the ability to download your videos and photos into third-party applications.

Initially, your sole solution is to port your media content to Google Photos.  Now they’re adding two more choices for users: Dropbox and EU-based cloud support Koofr. 

This is just the first step as they verified they will be making more venture announcements in the next few months. The photo and video transport application has made it easier for consumers to download their websites from the social media platform.

As you could already just directly download them being able to directly transfer them to some service that you already use is much more convenient.  So if you back up your documents on Dropbox or if you live in Europe and you are using Koofr, then you will be able to directly upload them with the information transfer tool.

Facebook New Update

Facebook says there are just five easy steps for your information transport.  You go to your Facebook settings and find Your Facebook Information that is where you can check privacy preferences, review action, etc.

You will then need to enter the password to the service you choose.  Following that, you are done and you simply need to wait for the notification once the move is complete.

To be sure that you’re protected, your data will be encrypted as it is being transferred from Facebook into the service you selected. 

Facebook highlighted that companies that use data portability attributes will be able to guarantee users that their data is protected when shifting services and there should be a constant dialogue between specialists, developers, and policymakers. 

Now you can transfer your photos and movies to Dropbox and Koofr, in addition to Google Photos for those who have not done it previously.  We’ll likely see OneDrive or iCloud alongside Facebook’s list.


Facebook limits Messenger to five at once

The last few months have observed messaging apps become even more significant as we attempt to deal with a physical distancing from loved ones, coworkers, and essentially everyone.

WhatsApp has previously added some forwarding limits to slow down the mass routing of messages from chat groups.  Facebook is currently doing the same as their other solution, Messenger. 

Starting now, people can just ahead to five individuals or groups at one time. Facebook believes that imposing limitations on anti-virus messages will help slow people down because it will now be more inconvenient and difficult to mass-forward messages.


It will still not stop them whenever they are decided naturally but at least it will make it simpler to achieve that.  Viral misinformation and harmful content have been making the rounds these past few months but they are not only harmless content you forward and some of them have the potential to cause real-world harm.

The very nature of social networking platforms can make it tough to include these viral content.  Facebook has been criticized for its lack of controls and they have been walking a tricky line between control and freedom of expression within their platform.

They have recently added new privacy controls and they have also said they’ll quit accepting political ads a week ahead of the U.S presidential elections in November. 

Facebook also highlighted their Coronavirus Community Hub and their Voting Information Center as sources of verified and factual advice regarding COVID-19 and also elections in users’ respective nations.

Of course, having these hubs are significant but people who are prone to thinking and forwarding misinformation and conspiracy theories will likely not be going to those sections to read up on actual, true info.     

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