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Facebook Launches new Plan to Earn extra money by Recording?

Facebook previously announced that it would suspend the transcription of Messenger speech into text, but they still need to improve their speech recognition technology by collecting recorded data.

As a result, a plan called “Pronunciations” was officially launched. According to The Verge, selected users only need to take designated audio in exchange to earn up to $ 5 in revenue.

Facebook will collect users’ voice data through its Viewpoints market research application (the application also previously allowed users to participate in each survey in exchange for points for cash feedback), thereby improving the accuracy of the speech recognition system.

Eligible users are required to say “Hey Portal” according to the instructions and then the name of a Facebook friend. Participants must repeat the above sentence twice and say ten names to complete a set of recordings, and they can earn 200 points on the Viewpoints app.

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Users need to accumulate at least 1,000 points in the app to redeem cash (1,000 points is equivalent to $ 5 on PayPal, converted to five cents per recording), and they can record five sets of recordings for Facebook to reach the threshold.

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       Users will not get rich through this program, but for Facebook, the “Pronunciations” program is an interesting way to improve AI’s ability to read without the need for voice and audio assistance.

Apple and Google have previously suspended the Siri manual analysis program and the assistant ’s voice-to-text transcription in the EU. Amazon now allows users to turn off Alexa ’s recording review, but these companies did not provide cash to communicate with users ‘Recordings Exchange’.

Google does give users feedback as they complete surveys, so it’s no surprise if they want to follow Facebook’s lead.

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