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Facebook Launches Collab app inspired by TikTok

Collab app

Facebook ’s app-oriented new product experiment team launched the Collab app on Wednesday, a TikTok-style app for making music with friends.

According to the news released by the NPE team, Collab is launched on iOS in a Beta version that only invites users. With Collab, users can create, watch, and mix and match original videos and music.

According to this version, users do not need any musical experience to add their recordings. The app allows you to swipe and discover other videos that may complete the composition.

Collab app

Your work can be shared across platforms, and other works can be mixed and matched with yours. Think of it as digital Dadaism.

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Brittany Mennuti, head of Facebook products, said in the press release: “Even if we are separated from each other, Collab still unites our team and we hope it will help you too.”

Facebook will open invitations in batches, starting with people in the United States and Canada. You can request access by registering a waiting list at https://npe.fb.com/collab.

Collab seems to be Facebook’s latest project, designed to help people feel more close to each other and have fun during the coronavirus pandemic due to alienation.

The social media giant has also added Messenger Rooms, a new video chat feature that can support up to 50 people at the same time.

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