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Facebook is secretly manufacturing smart watches and plans to sell them next year


According to the latest report of Information, Facebook is building smartwatches as part of its ongoing hardware work. The device is said to be an Android-based smartwatch, although the report did not say whether Facebook intends to let the device run Google’s Wear OS.

It also said that Facebook is building its own operating system for hardware devices, and that future versions of wearable devices may run the software.

According to the report, the smartwatch will have information transmission, health, and fitness functions, and will join Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality headset and Portal video chat device as part of the ever-evolving hardware ecosystem of social networks.

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Facebook is also studying the brand’s Ray-Ban smart glasses, the technology will come out later this year, another augmented reality research project called ARIA Project has also been carried out, the plan is the company has been conducting more extensive Part of AR exploration. Facebook declined to comment on any planned smartwatch projects.

The hardware ambitions of the social networking giant are no secret. Bloomberg reported last month that the company has more than 6,000 employees engaged in various augmented and virtual reality projects and is part of existing hardware departments such as Oculus and Portal, as well as experimental plans for the Facebook Reality Labs department.

Although Facebook has not shown a strong interest in health and fitness equipment in the past, the company’s Oculus headsets and upcoming smart glasses do have a good track record in wearable devices.

Facebook also acquired neural interface startup CTRL-Labs in 2019. CTRL-Labs is dedicated to building wireless input mechanisms, including devices that can transmit electrical signals from the brain to computing devices without a traditional touch screen or physical button input.

The startup’s intellectual property rights and ongoing research may affect any wearable devices that Facebook will manufacture in the future, including smartwatches, smart glasses, or future Oculus headsets.

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