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Facebook deleted more than 6,500 militia Organizations and pages


Facebook deleted more than 6,500 militia Organizations and pages

A month-long policy against “militarized social movements” has been suppressed thousands of times. Since Facebook announced last month that it would combat QAnon and the militia movement on its platform, Facebook has deleted more than 6,500 pages and groups related to “military movement”.

According to the new regulations, Facebook said it would cancel accounts related to QAnon, militia groups, and other “offline anarchist organizations” if “discussing potential violent behavior”.

The company also stated that it will take steps to reduce the visibility of these groups in its applications.

Now, just over a month later, we have a better idea, that is, several delistings actually occurred due to this policy.

Brian Fishman, Facebook’s director of counter-terrorism and dangerous organizations, said the company has identified more than 300 organizations and removed thousands of pages and groups due to updated rules. Fishman did not disclose exactly which group the delisting incident was related to.


Last month, despite several users reporting, Facebook failed to delete an incident page that requested an armed response to the protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, so the policy was under strict scrutiny. Mark Zuckerberg later called it an “operational error.”

After Donald Trump made comments during the presidential debate and the organization regained attention, Fishman also detailed Facebook’s actions against the extreme right-wing extremist organization Proud Boys.

He said that Facebook has seen a “rising” in memes and other content related to “Proud Boy”, but he said that “a lot of content” condemned the organization and Trump’s remarks. Fishman said that Facebook banned Proud Boys in 2018 and recently deleted other accounts associated with it.

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