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Facebook deleted more fake accounts and warned of “perceived hackers”


With only one week before the 2020 presidential election, Facebook once again canceled its fake account network targeting the United States. Like other recent disclosures, Facebook said these networks were discovered at an early stage.

One of them consists of a Facebook account and 22 Instagram accounts, originated in Mexico and Venezuela, and published information about current events in the United States in English and Spanish.

Another account consisting of 12 Facebook accounts, 6 pages and 11 Instagram accounts is tied to Iran and “mainly concentrated in the United States and Israel.”


However, this withdrawal was accompanied by an important warning from Nathaniel Gleicher, the head of Facebook’s security policy: “small and ineffective” efforts are “trying to use uncertainty to sow distrust and division. arms.”

Gleicher wrote in the article: “As time becomes more and more difficult to detect, we see malicious actors trying to fulfill our collective expectations of widespread interference, resulting in a feeling that they are more It’s actually more influential.” A statement.

“We call it a perception hacker-an attempt to use uncertainty to sow distrust and division. We are closely monitoring potential situations in which malicious actors around the world may use false statements, including Remarks about damaged election infrastructure or incorrect election results to suppress voter turnout or weaken confidence in voting results, especially in battlefield states.”

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