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Facebook Changed Logo, what is the Reason?

Facebook New Logo Changed

Facebook has changed its brand logo. Facebook has stated that it has designed a new logo with a specific purpose.

All the letters in the new Facebook logo are in capital letters.

Facebook New Logo Changed

This new logo does not appear immediately on the Facebook app and Facebook Web. Facebook has reportedly shown itself to be a parent company, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on.

The new Facebook logo has been released on Gif, which means it’s on the go. It is broadly written FACEBOOK and contains all capital letters.

It is claimed that the colors in the logo of the logo will tell about the different products of the Facebook company. The blue color for Facebook, the green pink for WhatsApp is set for Instagram. The new logo is expected to be available to users within a few weeks. The company will use it for marketing and advertising of products.

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Remember, Facebook has already added the Facebook feature to WhatsApp and Instala, including some time ago. The logo will be used there.

According to Facebook, the purpose of using Facebook is to show people that Facebook and its other apps are based on a common structure and depend on the same team.

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