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Facebook bans ads that support QAnon

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Facebook Bans ads that support QAnon

Facebook is taking new measures to limit QAnon’s influence on its platform. The social network stated that it is banning ads that “praise, support or represent” QAnon or a “militarized social movement”, and it has begun to lower the ranking of posts in QAnon groups and user news source pages.

The social network has previously deleted hundreds of groups and pages related to conspiracy theories. Its followers believe that the government is controlled by a group of Satanic pedophiles and will eventually be overthrown by Donald Trump.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, people’s belief in QAnon was once considered a “marginal” movement.

Facebook also stated that it is taking measures to address QAnon’s concerns about child trafficking and child safety.

Facebook New Update

In the past few months, the QAnon team has targeted the issue of child trafficking in order to recruit new followers and make conspiracy theories more attractive under the suppression of social media platforms.

Researchers say this has helped QAnon become bigger, while legal anti-trafficking organizations say that conspiracy theories make it difficult for them to help actual victims.

Now, Facebook says it will “direct people to reliable child safety resources when people search for certain child safety hashtags” and send posts related to QAnon and child trafficking to third-party fact-checkers.

Facebook said that the debunked posts will be downgraded and tagged, and will not be used in advertising.

As Facebook tried to take a tougher stance against QAnon and other groups that incite violence, new measures have come. In another update, the company stated that it has removed more than 6,500 groups and pages to break the rules regarding “militarized social movements.”

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