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Epic-backed expert Says Apple App Store keep income at 78% high

A professional witness at Epic video games testified that in fiscal years 2018 and 2019, Apple’s App store operating margin was above 70 percent, new court documents show. Ned Barnes testified that statistics from Apple’s company financial planning and analysis institution confirmed that the App store had a 77.8 percentage working margin in 2019, and 74.9 percentage in 2018.

The figures are near Barnes’ calculations of App store income, he testified and additionally refutes criticisms of my document confirmed by using “some Apple expert witnesses that it isn’t viable to reliably or usefully calculate the App store’s operating margins.” is.” Barnes additionally testified that Apple has been monitoring its App store profits for years.

Apple has selected that interpretation of the information very warmly. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s leader compliance officer said at a congressional hearing last month that “we do not have a separate profit and loss announcement for the App Store,” and cook made similar statements approximately the App store and how it is established.

App Store
App Store

The question of how a whole lot of profit Apple makes from the Apple store is at the heart of the continuing court case between Apple and Epic games.

Epic argues that the App Store does not provide any real provider, but is actually a manner for Apple developers to withdraw cash.

After launching an unauthorized in-app payment system for Fortnite in advance this yr, Epic is suing Apple for violations on the grounds of the one. However, Apple is confused that the App store evaluation process is an important part of broader platform protection efforts around iOS.

Court files show that Apple’s expert witness Richard Schmalens additionally disputed remarks on Barnes / Epic’s information. “Mr. C. Barnes’s estimate of the app store’s operating margin is incredible because it sees segregation in a section of the iOS environment in a way that artificially will increase the obvious operating margin of that section,” Schmalensey said in his direct said in testimony. “while one looks at Apple’s environment of device and services as an entire, the operating margin drops to an uneven stage.”

Schmalensee in addition testified that “it makes no experience” because it attempts to distinguish the profitability of the App store due to the fact being part of the iOS platform and that it is based on all of Apple’s intellectual assets.

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