You are currently viewing Elon Musk requested Twitter for ‘skit ideas for SNL’ and was promptly dunked on

Elon Musk requested Twitter for ‘skit ideas for SNL’ and was promptly dunked on

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As you could realize, mentioned non-comedian Elon Musk is hosting Saturday night live this coming weekend. Elon Musk is humorous. no longer in the manner, say, Gilda Radner or John Swartzwelder or Ziwe Fumudoh or Chris Fleming are humorous, which is to mention he isn’t always funny due to the fact he intentionally, successfully does matters which can be intended to be funny. neither is he humorous in an accidental way, like Ed Balls or dogs with their lips, stuck on their teeth?

Elon Musk

Musk is funny due to the fact his very lifestyle is hilarious. He lives his life like a cartoon version of a tech billionaire, steals memes because he is no longer humorous sufficient to make his very own, and no longer most effective tweets like a Hank Scorpio parody account run via your 14-yr-vintage nephew in 2010 however additionally sometimes runs his surprisingly successful businesses that manner too.

His concept of a funny joke is to cause tremendous market disruption with a tweet, inviting a securities fraud charge, which he settled and said changed into “really worth it”.

He’s funny like a dad attempting way too hard to vibe along with his teenage daughter’s sleepover visitors: his desperation to get fun is palpable, and whilst he receives one, it is going to be at him, no longer with him, after he leaves the room.

Of course, this isn’t always the only purpose people — inclusive of the cast of the show — are annoyed that he’s hosting SNL.

Musk is one of the richest people on this planet, and there may be a controversy to be made that it’s far morally repugnant to be really worth a couple of billions of dollars and spend it on Twitter jokes and research into impossible sci-fi missions while, as an awesome philosopher as soon as said, there are people which might be loss of life.

He unfolds COVID-19 incorrect information and referred to as stay-at-home orders as “fascist”.

So while area Karen placed out a call — on Twitter, obviously — to his legions of followers for “skit ideas”, the replies and quote tweets are equal parts Musk fanboy drawback and old-fashioned roasting.

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