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Ecobee updates HomeKit-enabled SmartCamera with Spotify integration and more features, reducing the price to $130

Ecobee Baseread

Ecobee announced today that the new price of its SmartCamera is $129.99, which is less than $179.99, and the camera has also undergone some updates.

In addition to being compatible with HomeKit Secure Video last month allowing users to safely stream and store videos from SmartCamera on the iCloud server, the indoor security camera also has Spotify integration, smoother pan and zoom functions, and smoke with subscription The alarm detection function goes to Ecobee’s home monitoring service agency Haven.

Starting today, the price of the smart camera is lower at $129.99, and users can get the latest software updates through the Ecobee app.

Ecobee Baseread

  • HomeKit secure video, which can safely stream and store videos taken on ecobee SmartCamera through voice control on Apple secure servers. In order to make users more at ease, smart cameras use Apple’s iCloud service to securely encrypt and store video clips and save them in it.
  • SmartFocus v2 can track the movements of multiple people and pan and zoom more smoothly.
  • Spotify Connect can stream any content from Spotify via SmartCamera with voice control.
  • Smoke alarm detection (with Haven subscription) can alert users and family members when they hear a smoke alarm on SmartCamera with voice control.

The main functions of SmartCamera include 1080p image quality, 180° field of view, infrared night vision, voice control with Siri or Alexa, built-in speakers with the two-way conversation, personnel detection, functions to set active areas, etc.

Anker brand Eufy has launched cheaper indoor security cameras with HomeKit Secure Video, including Indoor Cam 2K, priced at $39.99.

Source: MacRumors

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