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According to EA Battlefield 2042 will use bots to fill its 128-player servers


The upcoming Battlefield 2042 will feature the largest skirmishes yet; the “All-Out Warfare” modes can support up to 128 players simultaneously on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. EA will use bots to keep games populated on those servers, and there’s currently no way to switch that off.

Since humans take priority, you might not encounter an AI soldier during peak times – and if you don’t like bots, you can choose a different mode. However, the main event allows players to enlist up to 64 artificial intelligence soldiers. This will depend on your region, platform, as well as the number of real humans available during the event. This holds true for both Breakthrough and Conquest modes.

EA Battlefield 2042 will use bots to fill its 128-player servers

This will undoubtedly be a highly polarizing decision, but I think it may be a wise one, given the alternatives. There are risks associated with building a multiplayer game with 128 concurrent players (64 on PS4 and Xbox One), since you never know how long your game might keep users around. When EA released Titanfall in 2014, a 6v6 game that died far too soon because it divided its playerbase (across Xbox and PC, across game modes, and with some awful matchmaking), my friends and I couldn’t find a good match anywhere.


As far back as 2010, MAG’s 256-player battle support inspired a petition for bots to be added to the game. EA used bots in the Star Wars Battlefront reboots to enhance particular modes.

Battlefield 2042’s bots haven’t yet been tested, so everything will hinge on whether they’re any good or not. In PUBG, there were reportedly many of them that I couldn’t tolerate, but they have reportedly since been toned down. Even EA’s bots are a work in progress: “The game is still under development, and the use of AI will be tuned as player data comes in,” the company says.

EA says more details on how the new bots work will be forthcoming soon. There will be more maps and more modes in Battlefield 2042, so if you’re into them, you can play any map or mode against a team of bots, or you can team up with friends in a co-op mode.

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