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E-Commerce Marketing Tools

E-Commerce-Marketing-Tools Base Read

E-Commerce Marketing Tools

E-commerce marketing tools is known as internet marketing. It is the process of doing marketing electronically or over the internet. It can be defined as the integration of communication, data management, and security capabilities that allow organizations to exchange information on the sale of goods and services. It can also be defined as an act of conducting a transaction via electronic medium.

E-commerce marketing tools is defined as the process of buying, selling, or exchanging products, services, and information via computer networks. It includes not just the buying and selling of goods and services, but also servicing customers, collaborating with businesses partners and conducting electronic transactions win in an organization. The major transnational types of e-commerce include: business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer(B2C), business-to-business-to-customer(B2B2C),consumer-to-business(C2B),consumer-to-customer(C2C),mobile commerce, non-business e-commerce, business-to-employee, collaborative commerce, non-business e-commerce, electronic government and exchange-to-exchange.

E-Commerce-Marketing-Tools Base Read

E-commerce marketing tools is the main means of e-business. It benefits consumers by providing is their convenience, speed, cost, customization, professionalization, and communities. It also benefits an organization by expanding the marketplace, creating a cost-saving, improving business processes and promoting interactivity. It also benefits society by improving the standard of living and the delivery of public services. E-commerce has been becoming very popular in developed countries.

Main Features of E-commerce Marketing Tools

  • Individual Communication
  • Data Depository
  • Channel of Direct Marketing
  • Electronic Platform and Email
  • Relationship Marketing

Methods of E-commerce Marketing Tools

  1. Business to Business (B2B): It is the method of e-commerce conducted between business to business. This method targets a business house or intermediaries as customers.
  2. Business to Consumer (B2C): It is the method of e-commerce conducted between business and consumers. In this method, business firms directly sell various consumable products to consumers. They sell books, music, computer software, air tickets, clothing, toys, flowers, home videos, hotels reservations, etc.
  3. Consumers to Business (C2B): E-commerce can also be established a relationship between consumers to business. The consumers can directly provide their complaints, comments, and suggestions to the website of the company.
  4. Consumers to Consumers (C2C): This method involves consumer’s selling products directly to consumers. For example, eBay is a website for consumer to trade products among consumers. It helps to build long term relationship with consumers.

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Business firms have many stakeholders except the consumers. The stakeholders are employees, suppliers, competitors, and other intermediaries. They operate their jobs around the world. E-commerce connects business firms and connected stakeholders.

Meaning E-Commerce of Marketing

Internet marketing is the process of marketing over the internet. It is also known as e-commerce. Internet is a fast and ever growing worldwide web of computer networks. It connects millions of users of the computer around the world. It plays the role of communication means. Computer users around the world can obtain and share information on any topic, product, or service using the internet. The application of user-friendly world wide web browser software has made the surfing very easy.

 Meaning E-Commerce of Marketing - Base Read

Marketing firms are getting benefits by doing internet marketing. That is why the use of the internet is increasing. It is used for product display, customer identification, advertising products, sales, customers services, and communications by e-mail.

The internet has also facilitated to establish a communication link between the consumer and the business organization. Consumers can access websites of the business firms that allows entering a call-me-button that connects to marketers ready to listen to the consumer’s comments, complaints, and suggestions. Consumers can also communicate with them using the e-mail service.

Internet marketing provides a low-cost, extremely efficient way to display merchandise, attract more and more customers and handle purchase orders. It helps business organizations to establish a smooth relationship with many stakeholders like suppliers, middlemen, competitors, customers, and other parties. They can reach to new and potential customers and gather business related information quickly through the use of internet and e-mail. Internet marketing is gaining popularity in recent years as an important direct marketing channel.

Advantages and Limitations of Internet Shopping

Advantage of Internet Marketing or Shopping:

  1. Goods from the international market can be purchased sitting at home.

  2. It saves time and effort of the customers.

  3. It is the quickest mode of retailing.

  4. The sellers find it economical because there is no need to keep large stocks of goods in their stores.

  5. This system is very useful in foreign trade.

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Limitation of Internet marketing or shopping:

  1. It is nor useful for those people who do not have knowledge of using a computer.

  2. It does not allow physical inspection of goods.

  3. Payments are required to be made through a credit card, which the common man cannot afford to have.

  4. The pleasure of personal shopping is absent.

Use of the Internet to do Marketing

Use of internet is increasing day by day in marketing strategies. The uses of the internet are as follows:

 Use of the Internet to do Marketing - Base Read

  1. Email: Internet is used for email. E-mail is the process of sending and receiving message over the internet. The delivery of messages is very fast and instantaneous. Pictures, files, and other multimedia data can be attached to an e-mail. It is a way of connecting people worldwide. Therefore, most people use the internet primarily to email.

  2. Advertisement: The use of the internet is increasing in the advertising world. Nowadays, most of the organizations advertise their products and services through the internet. It is fictive and interactive. It can be used to generate interest and create awareness towards both company and products. Advertising through the internet is relatively cheap and effective.

  3. Share Information: Internet can be used for sharing information with people around the world. People can interact with each other to share knowledge and to get guidance. Internet is a very easy, cheap and fast method of sharing information.

  4. Collection of Information: Internet can be used for collecting millions of information in a few seconds. People can collect a lot of information on various topics on web sites. Many search engines and web sites are available to search for information on every topic on the internet.

  5. Buy and Sell: Internet can be used to buy and sell the product directly. It is popularly known as e-commerce.

  6. News: Internet has been used for conveying news worldwide. Most of the newspapers in the world are also available on the internet. They are developed their own websites where people can get the latest news

  7. Searching Jobs: Internet can be used for searching for jobs. Nowadays many organizations advertise their vacancies on the internet. Numerous recruitment agencies are using the web as a source for potential candidates. Applicants also apply for the required job through internet. Examples: Monster, CareerJet, Jooble, etc. 

  8. Entertainment: Internet can be used as an entertainment. It provides different types of entertainment to the people. People can watch movies, listen to music and play games with other people through the internet.

  9. Online Education: No-a-days internet can be used as the means of online and distance learning. Many websites of universities provide degree on different subjects through the internet. They provide lectures and tutorials which can be downloaded and listen repeatedly.

  10. Online Booking: Internet can be used as the tools of online booking. Mainly, it is used for looking for airlines and railways tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

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