DuckDuckGo opens a MAC privacy-centric browser to beta testers

Duckduckgo has revealed something that the users say has requested for years: desktop browsers. It will be accessible on Mac first, and the Windows version comes in the close to future. Until now, the solely DuckDuckGo browser provided is on mobile.

As you would expect from DuckDuckGo products, privacy is at the forefront. The browser uses a DuckDuckGo search engine by default, and a smarter encryption feature will ensure you use the encrypted HTTPS website version more often. 

There is a blocker, email protection, and the company’s well-known fire button, which closes all tabs and deletes your browser data with one click.

Data in applications such as history, bookmarks, and your password by default are only stored in your system. You can import your bookmarks and passwords from several other browsers and password managers.

Duckduckgo said the browser would eliminate many of the annoying popups of the cookie approval too. It can delete it for you on certain sites by automatically rejecting as much cookie tracking as possible.

This feature will be available for about half of all websites at first. Duckduckgo said that the number would grow during the beta period.

In the privacy feed, you will be able to see which sites try to track you. There is an option to delete data stored from a particular website and to return to the newly viewed page, even with some additional privacy protection.

Duckduckgo claims the MAC browser is also fast. It uses the same default rendering machine as Safari and blocks the tracker before loading.

MAC browser is in beta invitation only. To register for a waiting list, download the DuckDuckGo Mobile app or update to the latest version. From the “More From DuckDuckGo” menu in the settings, select DuckDuckGo for the desktop and tap “Join the private waiting list.”

You will finally receive a notification with the invitation code and a link to tear the browser on your Mac. The process is a little unusual, but, it’s pretty right, you don’t need to give any personal details.

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