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Dropbox introduced a password manager and vault in Beta, and more new features

Dropbox password Manager

Dropbox activates a password manager and “vault” in the file to store documents such as birth certificates. But for now, these two are just beta tests. You need to know everything about these new features, including when you can start using them.

Dropbox password

Dropbox’s local password manager recently appeared in the Play Store as a standalone application. Now, Dropbox officially released the Beta version of the function. Dropbox passwords are available for iOS and Android users (Mac and Windows apps are also coming soon).

It is designed to use “zero-knowledge” encryption to store and synchronize passwords between devices. It can also automatically fill in credential fields. It is worth noting that the Dropbox password uses the technology and assets that Dropbox acquired when it acquired Vault last year.

Dropbox password Manager

Dropbox Vault

Dropbox will also launch Dropbox Vault, which is the location in your Dropbox account used to store sensitive documents. It is protected by a six-digit PIN. Dropbox says that files are encrypted when they are uploaded, downloaded, and stored on Dropbox’s servers. You can also share access to Dropbox Vault without having to open the entire account.

Other features and functions

Dropbox introduces a new method of automatically backing up folders from Mac or PC to Dropbox, including a method of selecting which folders Dropbox backs up. As of June 16, 2020, Beta versions of Dropbox Basic, Professional, plus users will provide this feature.

Dropbox acquired HelloSign last year, and now it has added an electronic signature feature, so you can send, receive, and sign documents without leaving Dropbox. It will be available to “some users” in the form of private beta in June 2020. From July 2020, all users can use it.

Dropbox will also launch the Dropbox App Center to help you find third-party apps that can be used with Dropbox without having to delve into account settings. Now, “some users” in the “beta” can use it, there are more than 40 company partners in the application center.

Finally, Dropbox launched Dropbox Family, a family plan that allows you to accommodate 6 people under one billing plan. This new option will be available to Dropbox Plus users throughout the summer and should be available to all users by the end of 2020.

When can I use the Dropbox password and Dropbox Vault?

The Beta versions of Dropbox Passwords and Vault are only available to mobile users on Dropbox Plus and start at $11.99 per month. However, only new subscribers are at launch, while all other existing Dropbox Plus users will access Beta sometime in the summer of 2020.

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