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Donald Trump has been kicked off of Twitter

A few days ago, after Twitter temporarily suspended Donald Trump’s account, the company said that further violations of its terms could result in the suspension. As detailed in the blog post, Twitter decided that some of the presidential tweets published today violated its policies, and as a result, his personal @realdonaldtrump account is no longer valid. Since creating his account in 2009, he has posted more than 56,000 messages on Twitter and has more than 88 million followers.

The @potus account still exists on Twitter, but without the tweets retweeted by Trump’s preferred account, it seems very inactive. The same goes for his official campaign account @TeamTrump and the accounts of other Trump family members.

According to Twitter, the two tweets released this morning (available in the archives) “must be read during major events in the country and the way different listeners mobilized the presidential statement, including incitement to violence, and in recent weeks. The way the account behaves… Therefore, we determined that the above two tweets may inspire others to emulate the violence that took place on January 6, 2021, and multiple indicators are being accepted and understood to encourage this. ”

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have stated that his account will remain suspended for at least the day of the inauguration; now, Trump’s Twitter account is established among most of his followers, And before the president took office, the account had been erased.

Regrettably, this move comes the death of several people, including some Trump supporters and a policeman, after violence had already occurred on Capitol Hill. With only a few days left in the Trump administration, Twitter has finally done what some people thought it could do a few years ago.

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