Does the back of the Xbox Series X look like this?

The front look of the Xbox Series X was released by Microsoft as early as The Game Awards. But what exactly is the back of this new machine (that is, the side where all the connection ports are)? Possible answers are now available on Twitter.

Xbox Series X

In recent days, some people have released physical photos of alleged Xbox Series X. Compared with the fake pictures made by AMD at CES, the machines printed with prototype-not for sale are undoubted It looks a lot more real.

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Including Brad Sams of Thurrott, many people think that the real machine picture that is flowing out this time should have a high degree of credibility.

If this is the case, the design of the connector on the Xbox Series X may be a combination of dual USB-A, Ethernet, power, S / PDIF, and single HDMI as shown in the photo.

However, since it has been said that it is only a prototype, it is normal for the final product to be changed. I believe that in the next few months, Microsoft will continue to disclose more details.

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