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Do not post your coronavirus vaccination card selfies on social media

Do not post your coronavirus vaccination card selfies on social media

We know this epidemic has a history of frustration, and for a long time, even if you are covered up, socially distancing, and trying to stay virus-free, we are all good and confused at this point. Therefore, it is understandable that we now have vaccines available, and everyone is eager to buy vaccines.

But please don’t post the bluffing impulse on Instagram or any other social media platform, as the identity thieves may be watching. Also, you don’t want to be a newly vaccinated person. Their selfies provide crooks with a template for making fake vaccine record cards because if you think it hasn’t happened yet, it will be wrong.

The Federal Trade Commission wrote in a blog on Friday: “Some of you are celebrating the second COVID-19 vaccination with the manic enthusiasm usually created for weddings, newborn babies, and other life events. “You want to post a photo of the vaccination card on social media. Please-don’t do that! You may cause identity theft.”

Do not post your coronavirus vaccination card selfies on social media
Photo By: Allen J. Schaben/Getty Images

The card will not only indicate the name and date of birth of the vaccinated person on the card but also include the time and place of your vaccine. Unless you set all your social media accounts as private accounts, you will give out a lot of free data about yourself, and you might not want randos on the Internet to know this data.

The New York Times talked to some privacy experts. They said that a shrewd artist might pretend to be a health care official to deceive those who have received the first dose into thinking that they need to pay for the second dose. Gain the trust of the victim.

Card information. Moreover, someone can use the photo of your vaccination card to remake the vaccination card, and possibly sell fake vaccines, which has obviously happened in the UK.

As part of the “vaccinate with confidence” campaign, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed a plan to require states to issue stickers to newly vaccinated vaccines. This is an excellent visual effect that can be shared on social media. Instead of sharing it on your vaccination card.

Therefore, if you have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, please accept my congratulations! We are all happy for you. However, we don’t need to see your important information throughout the social feed.

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