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Do not Install Latest Firmware updates for your Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Do not Install Latest Firmware updates for your Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is working to fix CPU throttling at the organization’s brand new surface devices, while owners complain of Wi-FI problems.

If you own one of the recent Surface Devices from Microsoft Surface Book 2 or Surface Pro 6. You’re going to want to stop Windows Updates for a while because the latest firmware from Microsoft could tank the efficiency of your system. However, if your laptop is hosed already, we have some thoughts on how to solve it.

If you see any firmware updates from the August list, you’ll want to make sure you don’t install them accidentally. If you have been updating Windows 10 Home since April, you will see an option “Pause updates for 7 days” right below the Windows Update Download button. Hit that once and hit it as many times as you want to avoid installing updates on your machine automatically for up to 35 days.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

How do you understand if you’ve got an update to the firmware? Check the update to Windows. Although you are also welcome to cross-refer to your list of pending updates against the August 2019 firmware updates list of Microsoft for your Surface device, you can’t miss it.

In addition, other users noted that the August updates make it hard to connect to 5GHz wifi networks, which is another enormous problem as this is the only way to get the highest wifi output from your laptop on a wireless router.

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This should offer Microsoft plenty of time to solve the problems plaguing some holders of Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 6, including locking the frequency of your CPU to just 400Mhz slow molasses.

What if You already Installed the Updates?

If you’re seeing unbelievable performance drops or experiencing WiFi problems as a result of you installed the August firmware updates, you have got some potential solutions. Honest warning: the primary one isn’t pretty.

Those experiencing painful slowdowns due to the fact their laptop’s CPU is unexpectedly running at 400Mhz (0.4GHz in your project supervisor) in preference to something like 1.6–4.2Ghz (depending to your device’s specs) need to try to await Microsoft to launch an update that fixes this mess. I haven’t seen a specific timeline for that, but Microsoft says it is quickly running to address the problem.

You may additionally attempt the usage of the ThrottleStop app to disable BD PROCHOT, which tells your gadget to throttle your CPU whilst it detects your processor is getting way too warm. This might restore your problem, as it’s worked earlier than with similar problems, however, it’s doubtful if it will immediately address something is inflicting the CPU throttling from the August 2019 update. still, I’d supply it an attempt, and don’t neglect to re-enable BD PROCHOT if, or whilst, Microsoft launches its repair.

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if you’re in a bind and want to use your pc right now, a few affected users have cautioned which you might be capable of hard reset your gadget to repair it. Keep down the power button for 20 seconds or so, then power your system again up.

I’d be amazed if this actually fixes what is possibly a throttling issue within the OS, but this Reddit user claims it really works, so it’s well worth a shot attempt. The throttling difficulty will possibly go back at some point, though.

Otherwise, you could also take the exhausting procedure of resetting your machine—formatting your power and reinstalling home windows 10, and then no longer putting in the August updates (as formerly cited).

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You’ll set your machine lower back up, reinstall all your apps and, obviously, get better your files from the huge backup you should have made previous to doing this. I wouldn’t pass this direction until you had no other choice, however, it’s now not the worst idea in view that a machine going for walks at zero.4GHz is basically unusable besides. Sadly, that is probably too gradual a good way to make an effective backup of your files, so this option may not be the best.

Latest Firmware Updates Causing WI-Fi Issues in Surface

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Wi-FI

If you are unaware, the BD PROCHOT is placed into location to ensure that the CPU runs at a lower clock speed while an unusual spike in temperature is detected. The flag is enabled now not most effective whilst the processor is hot but also can jump into a movement if any other component inside the location of the CPU overheats. It isn’t always clear whether rolling returned to the older driver replace wirelesses the issue.

“We’re privy to some clients reporting a state of affairs with their surface Books where CPU speeds are slowed. We’re quickly working to deal with thru a wireless firmware replace”, a Microsoft spokesperson turned into quoted as pronouncing by way of TechRepublic. However, Microsoft is but to give an explanation for what exactly is causing the throttling Wi-Fi at the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Pro 6 inside the Wi-Fi place.

Furthermore, it seems that the brand new motive force seeded by using the current WI-FI firmware updates for Surface devices has also generated a few WI-FI connectivity troubles. As in keeping with consumer proceedings at the respectable Microsoft assist discussion board, the up to date WI-FI driver arriving with the recent WI-FI firmware updates severs connectivity with 5GHz networks.

The first-gen surfaces Book, Surface seasoned Gen 4, and the Surface Pro 6 are among the devices laid low with the Wi-Fi wireless. Users who reverted lower back to older drivers had been reportedly able to repair everyday 5GHz connectivity on their Surface device.

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