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Disposable Earphones Cost less than $0.15 on the Plane

Plane Earphones

It can be seen that disposable earphones will be placed on each seat for passengers to use. Some people are more curious about how much the disposable earphones cost? The other is that I can take them away after using them? If it is not taken away, what will the airline do with it and will it be recycled again?

Many people used to use their earphones with an aviation adapter (also called an airplane plug). The reason is very simple. Your earphones are used to the habit. The sound quality is good and it also has noise reduction.

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The disposable earphones are full of cheapness and the cable will feel broken when you pull it hard. In my opinion, the cost of this earphone is probably not even $0.15 US because of the large output, the cost can be lowered, and the airlines do not need to disinfect and re-use it again by adding extra cost. Better is the best way to directly deal with garbage.

Plane Earphones

Since the earphones are directly in contact with the skin, from the perspective of personal hygiene, the earphones are not suitable for multiple people. Therefore, some people ask whether earphones can be taken away after use.

The answer is completely OK always but here is another question. Many of these earphones are two plugs. Even if you take them back on a mobile phone or other audio equipment to use. As for why the earphones on the plane adopt such a design, here is a simple science popularization.

The 3.5mm interface standard has not yet developed to the current technology of integrating left and right channels and a microphone on one plug.

The earphone jack on the aircraft was separated from the left and right channels at that time, so two 3.5mm plugs were needed to achieve the left and right channel simultaneous sound.

The lifetime of an aircraft is as long as several decades, and airlines do not need to change the design for a headphone jack because it should be too lazy to change it.

Disposable Earphones Plane

Of course, many new aircraft in recent years, there are still many models changed to an integrated 3.5mm interface to facilitate users to use their headphones. But then again, with the rapid popularity of wireless Bluetooth headsets, how many people around us are still using wired headsets?

Having said that, it’s time to recommend several wireless headphones suitable for use on airplanes. They not only allow you to get rid of the shackles of cables but also support active noise reduction technology, which can still bring you in noisy environments. A quiet and comfortable listening experience.

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