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Disney Plus hits 73.7 Million Subscribers


Disney Plus continued to grow during the coronavirus pandemic, especially in India-the news came on the first anniversary of its founding last year. Disney said on Tuesday that as of October 3, Disney Plus had increased its subscribers to 73.7 million, an announcement on the first anniversary of the streaming service.

In contrast, Netflix is ​​the world’s largest subscription video service, with more than 195 million subscribers worldwide. However, among a large number of new services launched last year, such as Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, and Peacock, Disney Plus has clearly become the subscriber leader.

The company also pointed out that Disney Plus’s latest subscriber statistics include subscribers of approximately 19 million members who have subscribed to Disney Plus Hotstar (the company’s streaming service in India and Indonesia).

In these markets, Hotstar is a streaming service that was renamed as a hybrid of Disney Plus and existing services for sports and entertainment earlier this year.

The new members of Disney Plus Hotstar are the biggest contributors to Disney Plus subscriber growth in the most recent quarter.


Overall, the popularity of Disney Plus surpassed Disney’s own initial predictions: the company initially expected that about five years after the launch of Disney Plus, its number of users will reach 60 to 90 million.

By the beginning of October, the sales volume of Disney Plus had reached 73.7 million, even before the end of the first year.

Disney plans to update the number of its subscribers at the end of the first year Disney Plus was established on December 10, when Disney will give a speech to investors and analysts on how it plans to prioritize the company’s development.

This also indicates that the event will update the outdated long-term subscriber forecasts. The company suggests that the event will preview new programs scheduled for Disney Plus, and may specify other new movies that Disney will release on Disney Plus, but at an additional cost, For example, it performed a live-action remake of Real Mulan in September.

Disney said in its fourth-quarter earnings report on Tuesday that in other parts of Disney’s streaming business, Hulu’s subscribers in the United States increased to 36.6 million. This is an increase from 25.6 million a year ago. ESPN Plus has 10.3 million members.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has prevented most movies from entering cinemas and audiences unable to enter theaters, Disney has been adjusting the role of Disney Plus to make it a larger and earlier channel for film distribution.

For movie fans, their usual blockbusters are starving, and on the bright side, streaming services have released a series of surprising titles, including movies that were originally intended for the big screen.

Disney Premier Access Mulan

Initially, during the pandemic, Disney Plus only started to play the already released movies a few months earlier than originally planned. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” will start playing three months before Fan Day on May 4th.

Before this, Disney also released the cartoon “Frozen 2” three months in advance, and Pixar’s “Onward” landed on Disney Plus only a few weeks after its premiere in theaters.

But then, Disney also started to strengthen streaming distribution with brand new movies, such as the film version of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” and the live-action remake of Mulan, which debuted on Disney Plus in September-in addition to the normal subscription price, Also need to pay additional fees.

However, Hua Mulan’s release method seems to be one-off. Less than three weeks after the release of “Mulan”, Disney postponed Marvel’s “Black Widow” from November 6th to May 7th, marking that the rest of Disney’s major movies will wait until the cinema is reopened and audiences are ready again It was shown when I returned to the theater.

This epidemic also destroyed almost all Disney movies, just like all Hollywood studios. This postponed Disney Plus’s release plan for its Marvel live-action original series.

Performances feature actors from Marvel’s amazing big-screen movies, and these performances are closely integrated with the plot of the movie.

Disney announced earlier on Thursday that WandaVision will be the first product to debut, and it will land on Disney Plus on January 15 instead of the originally planned December.

But “Falcon” and “Winter Soldier” were originally supposed to be the first Marvel series and were released in August. Now, “Falconi” and “The Winter Soldier” will not be released until sometime next year, and the release plan for Disney Plus’s other Marvel shows is unclear.

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