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Dell’s latest Latitude business laptops add an automated webcam shutter

CES is coming soon, and Dell will launch some new versions of Latitude laptops designed for corporate customers, led by the new Latitude 9420 x 9520. These devices will add Intel’s new 11th generation vPro chip will be available in March 2021 and new features, such as an automatically integrated webcam shutter, which can physically block the camera when not in use.

The new optional webcam system is called “SafeShutter” and is almost an obvious additional feature, especially considering that in the past year, as companies were forced to move to remote work, the focus has shifted to video conferencing.

When using the webcam, the shutter can be opened and closed automatically, but there is also a “mute” button to manually disable the microphone or camera as needed.

For safety reasons, anyone who has ever slid through blinds or attached them to a webcam should be able to see the benefits of automatic integration settings here, and is expected to expand to other laptops in the Dell product line in the future.

Another major update is the option to purchase Intel’s latest 11th generation vPro chip-Latitude 9420 can be configured with up to Core i7 models-bringing the advantages of Intel’s latest chips including its powerful integrated Iris Xe graphics card to the new model.

The updated 14-inch model will use a 2560 x 1600 2-in-1 size or lower resolution 1080p notebook configuration. RAM can increase up to 32GB, and storage can be configured with up to 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD.

Finally, the 9420 will provide optional 5G or LTE support via Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X20 (for LTE) or X55 (for 5G and LTE) modems.

Dell will also have an updated model of the larger 15.6-inch Latitude 9510-appropriately called the Latitude 9520-which will be available in the spring of 2021, and it will offer similar improvements including a webcam shutter and a new 11th-generation commercial Intel chip.

With the impressive battery life of the 9510, it will be interesting to see how Dell works now, as it benefits from the vPro version of Intel’s 11th generation processors.

The Latitude 9420 starts at $1,949, while the price of the Latitude 9520 has not been announced. Both will be available this spring.

Dell is also upgrading its Latitude 7000 and Latitude 5000 series. The 7000 Series adopts the new model Latitude 7520, adding the option of a 15.6-inch configuration for the first time and the 13.3-inch 7320 and 14-inch 7420 models, which are updated versions of last year.

The new 7520, 7420, and 7320 models will also be equipped with Intel’s 11th generation vPro chip, providing up to 32GB of RAM and a new smaller design. Dell also said that it has upgraded the camera and audio quality to achieve better video conferencing.

As expected, some of the more advanced features of the 9420 and 9520 are missing here: the 7000 model can only be configured with LTE, not 5G, and the optional webcam shutter is manual, lacking the final model of the new automatic system.

Finally, there are new Latitude 5000 models with dimensions of 13.3 inches (5320), 14 inches (5420), and 15.6-inches (5520). The new 5000 series notebooks will also get a new 11th-generation vPro chip, but the design reduces the use of aluminum and increases the use of plastic, which makes things further development.

Dell uses 21% of the bioplastic content (from tree waste) in the cover of the 5000 series laptop, a new environmental initiative aimed at improving sustainability.

The Latitude 5000 series will be available on January 12, and the Latitude 7000 series will be available on March 30, starting at $999.

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