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Dell driving force vulnerability affects hundreds of millions of pcs


Dell has been releasing a firmware update driving force since 2009 that includes “5 high severity flaws,” according to security researchers at Sentinel Labs. The problem may want to affect hundreds of millions of computers, however, the computer maker has now addressed the problem with a security patch, according to a Dell security advisory update.

The flaw (in a report referred to as DBUtil) is genuinely a connection of five vulnerabilities, collectively tracked as CVE-2021-21551. 4 of the flaws lead to privilege escalation and one ends in denial of service.

A few 380 models are affected, starting from desktops to the modern-day Alienware and Dell laptops. If you personal a Dell pc, even one now not being supported, there is an awesome threat that it is on the list.


There is no evidence up to now of the vulnerability being exploited inside the wild. inline with Dell‘s FAQ, an attacker could want neighborhood access on your gadget to make the most of the hack or trick the consumer through phishing or a different method.

On top of that, it might most effectively affect the computer if you’ve updated the firmware, as the motive force in question isn’t always preloaded on desktops.

Sentinel Labs researchers have provided technical information about the flaw but are maintaining back info on exploitation to give customers time to patch.

In case suppose your computer is probably affected, follow Dell’s manual to addressing the vulnerability here.

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