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Dell Announces 5G Laptop with Battery Life of up to 30 Hours

Dell 5G Laptop

Dell announced the Dell Latitude 9510 has the longest battery life of any 15-inch business Laptop, up to 30 hours. It automatically adjusts performance, audio and battery life based on the tasks you do, plus Wi-Fi 6 technologies and 5G wireless internet capabilities.

Tencent Technology News According to foreign media reports, the 2020 CES show will open on January 7, but Dell has introduced to us what it calls “the world’s smallest and lightest commercial 15-inch personal computer.” This laptop is 5G capable and has a battery life of up to 30 hours.

This new Latitude 9510 is available in both laptop and 2-in-1 models. Its body weighs 3.2 pounds, and its aluminum body is only as good as a 14-inch laptop, but it has a full HD display with a 15-inch, 400 nits, and 100% sRGB color gamut coverage screen.

Dell 5G Laptop

Dell says the Latitude 9510 has the longest battery life of any 15-inch business computer, up to 30 hours. However, this is not an actual test result. Moreover, it uses mid-range components (Latitude 9510 is equipped with at most 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processors). Still, even if its battery life is only half that number, that would be impressive.

The PC maker also hyped up its Optimizer software, which claims it uses artificial intelligence to understand how you work, so it automatically adjusts performance, audio, and battery life based on the tasks you do. With Wi-Fi 6 technology and 5G wireless Internet access, you can work all day anywhere.

The Dell Latitude 9510 will be available worldwide on March 26, starting at $ 1,799.

But Dell’s announcement doesn’t stop there. Its XPS 13 is one of our favorite ultra-portable notebooks, and it’s already incredibly small. But now, Dell has succeeded in shrinking its body more, and its display has become larger than its previous generation.

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Dell’s upgraded XPS 13 screen size a 13.4-inch display with an aspect ratio of 16:10, so it is larger than the 13.3-inch screen of the previous generation. The company also made the bottom bezel narrower, which essentially gave you more screen space and a smaller body. Dell even managed to tuck an infrared webcam into the top bezel so that you could use facial recognition to log in.

Dell also extended the keyboard to the edges and used a larger keycap to make it less aggressive. The company also said that it has a fingerprint reader on the power button and that it’s Windows Precision touchpad has increased by 19%.

Its body is made of aluminum machined by CNC machine tools, and the display is equipped with Gorilla Glass to ensure strength and durability. Carbon or fiberglass palm rests are used to reduce weight and cool laptops.

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Inside the laptop, you’ll find components similar to the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, such as Intel’s 10th-generation processors, up to 32 GB of memory and Iris Pro integrated graphics, and Wi for faster wireless networks -Fi 6. All these make up a high-performance ultra-portable machine.

The 2020 update of XPS 13 will be available in the United States, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France on January 7, and will be available worldwide in February, starting at about $ 1,000.

Source: Tencent Technology

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