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You might get a crypto-miner with your next laptop from Norton


Mining of Ethereum is now available with Norton 360, an antivirus package that many of our readers will recognize from setting up their parents’ computers (via BleepingComputer). 

According to Norton’s press release, users looking to mine crypto won’t have to go digging through the dark, scary web where they could probably find “unvetted code.”

Additionally, Norton Wallet claims to store users’ crypto wallets in the cloud. An official from Norton said that users will have the option of “pulling money into Coinbase” with a push of a button.

The company claims that mining was difficult until now, since customers had to disable their security software to do it. 

You might get a crypto-miner with your next laptop from Norton

In my opinion, there might be a problem with Norton 360 itself to some extent, however Norton does have a point that it is easier than learning how to mine on your own to use software that comes pre-installed on your computer.

Do we really want that? Although BleepingComputer raises the issue of the environmental impact of thousands of new miners, and the possible unexpected tax implications (in no way are they to be ignored), it seems like a slippery slope to include mining software in a program that comes with most people’s computers.

The bloatware makers could profit from subsidizing your purchases if you just turn your idle power into recurring profit for the company offering the service, not necessarily Norton. 

The same thing as Kindle with Special Offers, except that instead of ads your computer’s GPU consumes electricity when not in use (or in the cases of truly  shady manufacturers, when you are). Rather than closing a door, Norton may be opening a wider one.

In its blog post, Norton specifically mentions Ethereum, but later on, it might permit users to mine Bitcoin or another “reputable cryptocurrency.” Several early adopters will be accepted on Thursday, and a formal launch is scheduled for “in the coming weeks.”

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