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Crayta developer studio is purchased by Facebook


A division of Facebook owns Unit 2 Games now. Crayta, the Unreal Engine 4 game creation platform developed by the developer, launched as an exclusive for Stadia last year.

Facebook will acquire Unit 2’s technology and will now own it, though fans shouldn’t be concerned. According to the FAQs the company posted about the acquisition, Crayta will continue to be developed, and it will continue to be available.

Crayta is a platform that makes it easy to create your own games – or to collaborate on one – even if you have no programming experience. This allows you to make money from your games and even get other people to play them.


The more experienced you are in game development and coding, the more sophisticated your levels and rules will be. However, technical knowledge doesn’t have to be yours to begin. 

Crayta’s toolset is being integrated into Facebook Gaming’s cloud platform so that “new experiences can instantly be delivered” on the company’s website, which is why Facebook purchased the firm. 

This year, Stadia introduced its “state-sharing” feature, which was a result of the arrival of the game-creation platform.

Shared states lets you jump into a game at the same point as the other player through a simple link. According to the announcement of its acquisition, Facebook is also developing similar features and believes it can develop them to a much higher level.

However, it did not say how they would supplement and amplify these efforts by adding Unit 2 Games.

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