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Citizen Crime app moved to test a private security on-demand feature

Citizen app

Once, the Citizen crime app was known as Vigilante, a title so provocative that Apple banned it from the App Store and began a rebranding. So in 2017, it was relaunched as an app based on warning people about nearby emergencies and documenting events in the name of transparency.

A motherboard report shows that it isn’t just about transparency, as leaked documents and security vehicle sightings in Los Angeles suggest citizens offer an on-demand private security force service. 

The company’s $20-per-month Protect Service already promises “live monitoring” and a “digital bodyguard”, which can be called with a safe word to direct emergency services to your location.

According to a former employee quoted by Motherboard, the next step is to “create a personalized secondary emergency response network” that connects users directly to private security firms.

Citizen app
Image: Citizen app via stock market

A spokesperson referred to the safety vehicles as part of the “Personal Rapid Response Service” it is testing as a pilot project.

Just as a glance at your local Nextdoor post couldn’t reveal potential problems with that setup, last Saturday the Citizen app targeted a person unhoused by posting his picture during a live broadcast as an arsonist Painted suspected to be wildfires and promising.

A reward of $30,000, for telling him of his arrest. Police announced on Monday that they’ve arrested someone else for alleged arson.

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