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Chrome 90 will allow you to share links to Highlighted Text

Chrome 90

Google started rolling a chrome feature 90, which will allow you to create a link that takes people directly to the part of a page you highlighted. The technology giant originally launched the extension capacity last year – now that it is officially part of Chrome itself, you have nothing to install more and more useful.

Chrome 90
Chrome 90

If you want, say, point people to part of the Wikipedia page on the penguins who talk about how they do not worry about fearing humans, so all you have to do is highlight this passage, Right-click, and choose “Copy Link Highlight.” You can then send this URL, which ends in a #, to anyone you want. When the page takes care, it will take them to this part of the text instead of the summit of the article Wikipedia.

The feature can be very useful for students and colleagues working together, or even anyone interested in sharing things freely with friends. It has already started launching desktop and Android devices, but you can wait a bit to get it.

The launch of the feature is not complete, but we do not see it even after the launch of Chrome 90. Regarding iOS users, Google said that “Copy link to display” is “coming” for the platform and upgraded to a new PDF viewer for the browser, which introduces a preview view to a new toolbar that allows you to zoom, drop a page, save and print in just one click.

Kayce Hawkins, chief marketing officer of Chrome, explained how the Chrome team reduced CPU performance and revealed that the freezer tab for a smaller one would soon be available. When this feature is started, small or hidden tabs will use less storage and configuration.

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