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Celeste developers make their game fun with Vibe Reveal


The famous indie developer’s Celeste and Towerfall have released their next game – Earthblade. Details about the game are still scarce, but on Monday Extreme Okay Games released the news that the game “set the mood” and removed the title, poster, and song from the game.

Watch the teaser video posted on Twitter to see the poster and logo for the game (designed by Pedro Medeiros) and listen to the song (written by Lena Raine).

You may have to wait a while before the game is actually released. Extrem OK Games is officially calling the controversial 20XX release date, and studio Maddie Lawson reported in a blog post published on Monday. I know how long it will take, but it will take longer and it will take longer. “Adding Thorson.


You can also wait for other gaming news. “When we were doing Celeste, we had a funny tweet at work when we wanted to share,” Thorson said. However, there is one little mystery that is so good for this project that we decided to keep it all to ourselves and get a big revelation that will shock you. It will take time to learn more about Earthblade. ‘

If you haven’t played yet, play Celeste while you wait for Earthblade. Very good.

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