Tiktok app ByteDance makes a time limit for children under 14


According to its parent company ByteDance, users under 14 years old in China of the popular short video app TikTok, called Douyin, will be limited to 40 minutes of using it daily. Young children in China are limited to playing video games for a longer period, so the app’s youth mode is in line with […]

Apple’s new entry-level iPad is powered by the A13 Bionic chip


Apple has introduced the latest version of its most popular tablet: the standard iPad. It has a new processor called the A13 Bionic and it is the ninth generation of the iPad that first debuted in 2010. There’s also a new 12-megapixel front camera that supports the Center Stage feature introduced last year with the […]

Huawei announced new Xiaomi smart glasses

Xiaomi smart glasses

Xiaomi has launched its own smart glasses to compete with Facebook in the wearable industry. The device will be able to take photos as well as display messages and notifications, make calls, provide navigation, and translate text in real time in front of your eyes. Xiaomi is promoting the device’s lightness despite its features, just […]

Google One now offers a 5TB storage plan as a middle ground

Google One hasn’t provided an array of storage options that will appeal to heavy users – you’ve had to pay $10 per month for 2TB or $50 per month for 10TB. It’s a good thing now that there’s an in-between option. 9to5Google observed that Google quietly introduced a 5GB plan for $25 per month, or […]

ProtonMail under fire after revealing activist’s IP address (21)


ProtonMail, a popular email service that is known for its end-to-end encryption, has come under fire after giving up a French climate activist’s IP address to Swiss police. TechCrunch reported that Swiss authorities sought help from Swiss authorities in response to a request for assistance sent to them through Europol. ProtonMail revealed the IP address […]

Uber and Lyft will cover the legal fees of drivers 2021

Uber and Lyft

It was announced Friday that both Uber and Lyft will cover the legal costs of drivers who are suing under Texas’ restrictions on abortion law that went into effect this week. Many women are unaware that they’re pregnant until six weeks after conception, which is when most abortions are unlawful. Drivers of Uber and Lyft […]

Spatial Voice is Roblox’s first voice-chat feature 2021


Roblox is expanding voice chat by offering an invitation-only beta of a feature it’s calling “Spatial Voice” to select developers. According to Manuel Bronstein, Roblox’s chief product officer, “with Spatial Voice, creators can test developing simple conversations in a realistic way, mirroring the way people listen to and respond to the world around them every […]

YouTube reports 50 million subscribers to its Premium and Music services


In December 2020, Google reported 30 million subscribers to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Now, it boasts 50 million users using YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Despite the increasing competition in this market, there seems to be a continued trend of people choosing to upgrade to a paid version of YouTube and YouTube Music. YouTube […]

PUBG creator leaves Krafton to start own studio


PlayerUnknown” creator Brendan Greene, known for creating PUBG: Battlegrounds (formerly PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), has gone independent. In addition to having a minority stake, his playerUnknown Productions studio was spun out of the owner of PUBG, Krafton. PUBG and Krafton have given me many opportunities over the past four years, says Greene in his statement. As I […]

Twitch streamer Tim The Tatman Twitch moves to YouTube Gaming 2021

Tim The Tatman Twitch

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Tim “Tim the TatMan Twitch” Betar, is leaving to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming. Another big streaming star, Ben Lupo, also announced a move from Twitch to YouTube just a few days ago. On September 2nd, Betar will be streaming its first video. Twitch’s 7 million followers will be […]

Chrome 94 beta tests some next-generation technology for browser gaming

Chrome 94 beta

Chrome 94 beta – According to Google’s announcement for Chrome Beta 94, the company is bringing in some new web standards to enable improved browser-based gaming experiences. Toward making cloud gaming easier and faster, WebCodecs, which are slated to be released very soon, and WebGPU, which is in its experimental phase, could make it easier […]

The Next Big Thing in Streamlabs Launches Monthly Tipping Service


Livestreaming software company Streamlabs, owned by Logitech, is launching a monthly tipping service as an alternative means for streamers to earn money from their fans. A Streamlabs Creator Subscription is a subscription service that offers streamers flexibility in what they are able to offer subscribers, and the subscriptions are integrated directly into the OBS software […]

Three Stadia Pro games will be available on Sep 21 including Wave Break

Stadia Pro

Three games will be added to Stadia Pro for September 2021, a 50% drop compared to last month’s larger than usual drop. It could still be supplemented by other releases in the coming weeks, though there have been some sizable additions. Stadia Pro has just revealed its September lineup of games, and there are quite […]

The SiriusXM music channel TikTok is now available in 2021

SiriusXM music

SiriusXM music – There is no way to escape viral TikTok songs. You’ll find them on every social media platform, and you’ll hear them over and over again. SiriusXM is now offering earworms from TikTok you can listen to if you like them. TikTok Radio is a full-featured music channel that features viral songs from […]