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Casio launches its first G-Shock smartwatch with Wear OS

Casio has launched the first rugged and durable G-Shock smartwatch using the Google Wear OS platform. GSW-H1000 is part of Casio’s rugged and durable G-Squad Pro series. It has many sports functions and is also the first G-Shock watch with a color display.

As you would expect in a G-Shock watch, the appearance of GSW-H1000 has a magnificent appearance, and the titanium alloy back cover makes it more durable. This is supported by actual toughness, including impact resistance and water resistance down to depths of 200 meters.

The new feature is Android Wear OS plus a double-layer display, which has an LCD screen that always displays the time for displaying the time, and combined with a color LCD screen that can display maps, notifications, sensor data, and other information. Although Casio has used Wear OS in its Pro Trek smartwatch series, this is the first use of G-Shock watches.


The watch is also equipped with sensors, including a built-in GPS, optical heart rate sensor, compass bearing, altitude, air pressure, and so on. It also includes the Casio app for 24 indoor exercises and 15 activities, including running, road cycling and swimming, or more extreme sports, such as surfing and snowboarding.

At the same time, the Wear OS platform allows you to access smartphone notifications, numerous applications, and Google Assistant access rights. The biggest disadvantage of the color display is the 1.5-day battery life, although it can be extended to one month in the “multi-clock mode”.

According to Casio, the G-Shock GSW-H1000 smartwatch can be fully charged in about three hours and claims that it can provide up to 1.5 days of power under normal use (color display). It is said that in the “multi-clock mode” (essentially only timing and sensors), the running time of the smartwatch is about one month.

The watch also has Bluetooth v4.2 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity. It measures 65.6×56.3×19.5mm and weighs 103 grams (including wrist strap).

The data recorded by the Casio G-Shock GSW-H1000 smartwatch can be tracked through the G-Shock Move application, which is available in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

It has a sensor overlay function, which allows users to combine videos and still images of their activities with data captured by the watch to create a layered visual media, which can be shared on social media.

The Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 is available in red, black and blue, and is priced at US$700 in the US and £600 in the UK. Although it has not yet appeared on the US G-Shock website, it is scheduled to arrive in mid-May. However, you can find it on the UK site and ask to be notified when it arrives.

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