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Canada will invest billions of dollars to electrify public transportation

Canada Elect Bus

During the pandemic, public transportation was not used much, but Canada wanted to ensure that it was eco-friendly after the crisis ended. The Canadian government plans to invest 2.75 billion Canadian dollars (approximately US$2.17 billion) within five years to provide electrified services for public transportation across the country, including the purchase of more zero-emission buses and other initiatives.

This effort is part of a larger C$14.9 billion (US$11.77 billion) public transportation upgrade plan. The existing plan already supports the purchase of 300 eco-friendly buses, but this will help the government to achieve its goal of promoting a large number of 5,000 buses in the past five years.

Canada Elect Bus
Canada Elect Bus

Not surprisingly, the government hopes that this environmental protection initiative will also create jobs for Canadian bus manufacturers such as Nova Bus, GreenPower, and New Flyer.

Of course, the challenge is to make a meaningful impact. Although Canada has a relatively small population and is concentrated in a few large cities, the money can help them go further, but there is no guarantee that this will enable transportation agencies to fully switch to electric or hydrogen vehicles.

However, this can provide them with the impetus they need, and success in Canada can set an example of how to electrify their transit fleets in the United States and other countries.

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